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Applegate, your insulation solution for weatherization needs.

R-Value insulation for retrofit and weatherization needs.

Looking for a comprehensive solution for all your weatherization needs? Applegate has it! From turn-key fully equipped insulation trucks to complete educational and training programs, Applegates “At Your Service” weatherization program is where to go to get your questions answered, systems optimized and material and logistic needs taken care of!

More homes weatherized in less time means more members of your community can live comfortably, faster. Each Applegate truck comes with a weatherization tool kit and 500 bags of our specialized R-Value insulation, so you can begin insulating immediately! If you desire training and education, Applegate also offers a hands-on training program, which is fully customizable to your specific needs: every participant will leave with the skills to weatherize homes with confidence.

Whether it’s the consistent on-time delivery or the training and fine-tuning of your equipment, Applegate experts are always at your service and seeking to meet your needs.

Applegate has over 50 years of experience in the insulation industry and has developed our specialized R-Value formulation to go the extra mile in sustainability, efficiency, and safety. Applegate – always “At Your Service”!


R-Value Cellulose Insulation

  • R-Value can be purchased as a Stabilized or Loose-fill insulation
  • R-Value Stabilized is for stabilized attic and spray-in applications for side walls
  • R-Value Loose-fill is made specifically for the retrofit market and dense packing
  • Up to 85% recycled American fiber
  • Easy and quick to Install
  • Flame Resistant
  • R-Value Stabilized contains dry adhesive
  • Qualifies for LEED certification points
  • Class 1, Type A Building Material
  • Part of Energy Star® Home Sealing Program
  • Made in the USA in seven states 
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