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Weatherization Training and Optimization for Community Action Programs

An Applegate weatherization training session.

The Applegate Insulation trainer will spend hands-on time with each member of your crew on every facet of insulation installation, from preparation to installation.

Your agency is under tremendous pressure to meet current DOE guidelines for Weatherization assistance.  Our 30 years of experience are now your resource in our training class to help weatherization crews working with Community Action Agencies be the most productive they can be.  To help more members of your community live comfortably faster, our training optimiztion program evaluates and helps you with:

• Productivity: Your crew's productivity is measured against our crew base line, and then are retrained to overcome obstacles and encircle good habits in the field.  You'll leave with all of the knowledge and confidence needed to overcome any obstacle on a job site.

• Safety: Crew safety procedures and actual field safety rule execution.

• Materials: Examination of the materials your team is using, with recommendations to reduce cost or time by utilizing different processes or materials. 

Inside the training classroom with Applegate

• Planning: Coordination of projects to reduce paperwork and improve execution, including the accountability paperwork of weatherization agencies to reduce delays, and improve project implementation.

• Procedures: The who, what, when, where, and why your crew is doing what they are doing. We share industry best practices and ways to improve output and quality.

• Process: Initiation of a project from material acquisition to job site execution. We will observe and evaluate areas for elimination of redundancy, job set-up, and product process knowledge.

• Equipment: Your equipment is evaluated to the output capacity required of your crews, as well as the type of homes in your area and that you anticipate working on.  Capacity trends are examined against against industry and manufacturers' to benchmark areas for review and improvement.

• Tools: The type, condition, and use of your current arsenal of tools and recommendations to increase productivity.

• Communication: Increased on-site efficiency through the use of more conducive field communication.

• Logistics: Material handling flow and product acquisition to reduce time away from primary weatherization functions.

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Classroom training is one way Applegate is helping Weatherization Agencies.


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