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Training for Insulation Contractors

         Applegate Insulation Training prepares you for your new career as an insulation professional

Your new career in insulation starts today!  Applegate has new opportunities for contractors considering expanding their business in insulation.  Our classroom and hands-on experience gives you the confidence to leave the training session and enter the job site. 

Topics include:

Attic Spaces

  • Attic safety egress planning
  • Operator communication review
  • Attic access: planning and procedures
  • Equipment set-up and staging, hose runs, and protection
  • Soffit and can lighting boxing procedures
  • Attic access hole boxing if required
  • Work lighting and blower hose set-up
  • Cellulose blowing and conditioning procedures
  • Venting and dust control during installation procedures
  • Industry production standards expectation
  • Dust containment and migration control
  • Tips and trade secrets

Dense Pack Walls

  • One or two hole process
  • Assessment and pre-inspection
  • Safety review of equipment and work envrionment
  • Access and evaluation of exterior siding
  • Inside and outside applications if applicable
  • Installation procedures based on equipment type
  • Industry production standards expectations
  • How to assess cavity size
  • Quality assurance
  • Tips and trade secrets


  • Set-up and inspection
  • Conditioning and evaluation
  • Testing and maintenance
  • Output capacity requirements review
  • Proper operation and cleaning


  • Lowering the cost of your product and/or labor.
  • Training you to get a fair, usually higher, selling price.
  • Increasing your total sales volume.
  • Providing some of the most effective sales literature in the industry.
  • Forwarding leads from vehicles like this website to your doorstep.

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    Learning how to dense-pack a wall with Applegate cellulose insulation in an Applegate training session

    The Applegate Insulation trainer will spend hands-on time with each member of your crew on every facet of insulation installation, from preparation to the install. 

    At Applegate, we strive to give you all the resources to be the best installer you can be!

    Turning yesterday’s news into tomorrow’s insulation.
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