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Homeowners have a wealth of reasons why Applegate Cellulose Insulation is the best choice for insulating their home. We highlight just four of them below. Sometimes it can mean the difference between keeping or losing your home to fire, as illustrated by the story in the side bar.

Harvard Study Reaffirms Importance of Proper Insulation

A recent study by the Harvard School of Public Health found that upgrading the insulation levels of existing homes to current international standards could not only save more than 800 trillion BTUs of energy per year, but would also signifi cantly reduce air pollutants known to cause respiratory ailments and diseases.

The study estimates more than 45 million U.S. homes are not insulated to the current minimum standards of the International Energy Conservation Code. The amount of energy that could be saved by properly insulating them is equal to that of burning more than 38 million tons of coal.

From a public health standpoint, such retrofitting could curb the annual premature deaths associated with pollution by more than 240, and the number of asthma attacks by 6,500. Furthermore, people suffering from allergies and other respiratory ailments would experience a signifi cant decrease in the number of days in which they are restricted from activity.

Connection Between Peace of Mind and Insulation

According to a recent survey by a leading building products manufacturer, 78% of homeowners have issues with noise.

“Noise control is the next big thing in achieving optimal indoor comfort,” says a recent issue of Builder magazine, “New solutions make it a worthwhile investment for single-family builders.”

One solution is proving to be particularly effective – installing cellulose insulation.

Applegate cellulose insulation dampens unwanted sound from both inside and outside of the home.


One couple in Greenville, SC, installed Applegate cellulose to their home in hopes of keeping their house a little cooler in the summer. They found it accomplished much more.

“In addition to the expected substantial reduction in energy costs, we were pleasantly surprised at the obvious reduction in noise level from low-flying aircraft,” said Robert Clark. “We are directly in the flight path to the main runway at the airport. This reduction in noise level allows us to enjoy our new home in a way we had not even expected.”

Read more facts about sound control.

Drafty House

Some Insulation Materials Proven Greener Than Others

While homeowners stand to greatly benefit from selecting the right insulation for their homes, the biggest winner might be what’s outside the house – the environment.

The positives of cellulose insulation for the environment are so overwhelming, one publication, Environmental Building News, has proclaimed, “Cellulose insulation should be a preferred building material for environmentally concerned builders and designers.”

The spray application of cellulose insulation also makes it particularly adept at sealing common air leaks and stopping drafts.

Read more about insulation environmental impact.

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Cellulose Insulation Saved My House

The local fire department may have saved his house from burning to the ground, but it was the insulation that gave Bob Douglas and his family time to escape an electrical fire that had begun in his attic in South Grafton, MA.

“It was determined to be an electrical fire that smoldered close to eight hours before my smoke detectors went off and alerted my wife and I at 4:45 in the morning,” said a relieved Douglas. “We all got out safely, and the damage to my house was minimal.”

Cellulose has long been known to have superior fire-resistance to more commonly installed fiberglass insulation. In fact, there are now numerous fire-related construction assemblies for homes and commercial structures that call for the use of cellulose insulation. Its dense structure and fire retardant additives block flames and hot gases while restricting the availability of oxygen, thereby slowing a fire’s spread through a building.

In Douglas’ case, the fire never erupted into actual flames until the firemen opened up his roof and oxygen made its way in for a few short seconds before water from their hoses extinguished the blaze.

According to Douglas, cellulose insulation now has an advocate for life.

“I give credit – first and foremost – to the Grafton Fire Department for their incredible response time, and second, to the cellulose insulation I installed during a renovation three years ago,” said Douglas. “Hopefully, what happened to me will convince another homeowner to make a decision that might save his house and family!”

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