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Solutions for Building Inspectors / Code Officials

The building inspectors life is often a swirling mix of new building codes, builders, and homeowners. There isn't much time left to consider improved building materials and methods.

Occasionally, however, there is a product that dramatically improves the quality and durability of the building as well as the comfort and safety of the homeowners.

Most building codes give building officials broad authority with regard to interpreting and enforcing code requirements. Inspectors who are familiar with the research findings of the last five or six years understand the relationship between air movement and moisture movement. These knowledgeable officials will normally approve any wall design that effectively restricts air exfiltration. Applegate does this and much, much more.
Looking up regulationsTo that end you should be aware that, Applegate Insulation pays for itself in energy savings and also helps provide more comfortable, safer, and healthier buildings. Furthermore, Applegate Cellulose is the greenest insulation available — containing up to 85% post-consumer recycled materials.

Contact Applegate to discover specifications, recommended installation methods, and information from national laboratories, universities, building scientists, and code bodies.

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