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The building industry is an endless stream of revised building codes, new building materials, and constant challenges. In the midst of all this, there is a proven, time-tested product that can Building Marketdramatically improve the quality and durability of a building: Applegate Insulation.

Does it make a difference what insulation you choose to install in your homes? You bet! Especially if you're looking to:

Create homes that your customers can truly enjoy


Work with the industry's top-of-the-line insulation contractors

  • Applegate-trained dealers are exposed to the "house as a system" mentality
  • Applegate dealers have access to Applegate's Guaranteed Energy System that will make your homes soar above the competition

Increase your margin

Applegate Insulation is the most cost-effective tool you have to build a tighter, more efficient, more comfortable home.

  • Get a fair price for homes that perform
  • Fewer call backs related to the comfort of the home
  • May be able to reduce the tonnage of your air-conditioning equipment/home

And don't forget that Applegate Cellulose is one of the "greenest" building materials available, containing up to 85% post-consumer recycled materials.


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