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Comfort you can feel...

Applegate Insulation's high-density, interlaced natural fibers result in an effective R-value. Independent comparison studies by various institutions are upholding the longheld belief that cellulose significantly outperforms other insulations.

Engineers found that cellulose reduced air infiltration by 38% versus fiberglass, while the cellulose structure needed 26% less energy to heat. After a nine hour, overnight heat loss test, the cellulose structure was seven degrees 


warmer than its fiberglass counterpart. The difference can be attributed to both the manner of installation and the real world R-value performances of the two materials.

Cellulose insulation is sprayed or blown into walls, where it conforms to cavities and surrounds wiring and other obstacles to create a tight, monolithic thermal barrier. Fiberglass batts, on the other hand, must be cut and pieced together, leaving gaps, voids and areas of compression


Comfort you can hear...

A quiet home should be relaxing and serene. Applegate Insulation helps quiets a home by reducing air infiltration through wall cavities. Applegate Cellulose completely fills the intended space making it difficult for sound to pass. Unwanted noise affects comfort, concentration and behavior. By insulating the interior walls of a home you will be able to enjoy the comfort of participating in different activities simultaneously throughout the building without the associated noise. Applegate Insulation's sound control is also ideal for businesses and multi-family homes.

 Comfort you can enjoy...

In your walls

And in your attics

With Applegate you can have true peace of mind knowing that you received true value. Tests conducted by a fiberglass manufacturer reveal that the actual performance of batts can be 14% to 45% less than their labeled R-value when gaps and voids associated with normal batt installation are considered. With Applegate cellulose insulation, you receive the insulation performance you paid for.

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Applegate Insulation Saves You Money

We're so confident that you'll save money using Applegate Insulation that we're even willing to guarantee it. Talk to your builder today about using the Applegate Guaranteed Energy System—a four-year guarantee on your heating and cooling energy consumption!

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