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Applegate Insulation Specifications

This document covers the composition and physical properties of Applegate cellulose insulations. This information is relevant to the specification of Applegate Insulation in ceilings, attics, walls, floors and other areas.

Standard Operating Procedures for Installation of Applegate Stabilized Insulation in Attics

Instructions & Maintenance for Setting Up and Installing Applegate Stabilized Insulation in Attics

Standard Practice for the Installation of Sprayed Cellulosic Wall Cavity Insulation

This guide is a general outline of the methods and practices that have been found to result in satisfactory cellulose wall-spray installations.

Standard Practice for Installing Cellulose Building Insulation

This guide covers typical assembly designs and some of the more common installation methods that can be used to insulate new and existing residential structures.

Building Insulation and Fire

Cellulose insulation is the safest and best insulation commonly used in light construction. This is a problem for those selling insulation products that are not as safe and are much less effective.

New Data on Fire Safety of Aged Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose insulation installed on the floors of residential attics in three cities showed no sign of losing its fire retardant properties eight years after installation.

Vapor Retarder Paints

Build a home without polyethylene? It seems almost sacrilegious to some. Yet, over the last 40 years, thousands of cellulose-insulated homes have been built without vapor retarders.

How to Insulate Cathedral Ceilings...Properly

Our recommendation for the installation of (cellulose insulation) is not to have an air space above the material in a cathedral ceiling application.
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