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ACH and HVAC sizing

For sizing HVAC equipment in new construction, Applegate Insulation recommends using 5 ACH at 50 Pascal or 0.35 natural ACH when walls and attics are insulated with Applegate cellulose insulation

Dense Packing Cellulose Insulation

Dense packed cellulose insulation - the how and why it is great for older homes and buildings.

Shades of Green

Insulation is inherently green because it increases the energy efficiency of homes and buildings. But are some insulations "greener" than others?

Beyond R-Value: The Truth About Insulation Performance in the Real World of Buildings

When the "Energy Crisis" of the 1970's sent homeheating and cooling costs soaring, demand for building insulation rose right along with the prices of oil, gas,and electricity.

Home Energy Savings--Blown-In Cellulose Insulation

Blown-in cellulose is a popular alternative to fiberglass insulation. According to insulation specialist, Richard Applegate, cellulose is a natural wood product, and 75 percent of what it's made from is recycled newspaper.

Carcinogenic Reclassification of Formaldehyde Poses Concern for Consumers

New research from the IARC shows “there is now sufficient evidence that formaldehyde causes nasopharyngeal cancer in humans...”

U.S. Department of Energy Recommended Total R-Values

These recommendations are cost-effective levels of insulation based on the best available information on local fuel material costs and weather conditions.

Here’s Why Cellulose Insulation is Best for Your Home

Demonstrations using transparent plastic "walls" inevitably show the superiority of cellulose in filling existing walls with many fewer gaps and voids than mineral fiber materials.

Facts About Insulation and Mold

Molds are microscopic fungi that live on organic matter. Most molds produce spores, which can be air-borne, water-borne, or insect-borne and are highly adapted to grow and rapidly reproduce under the right conditions.

Performance and Safety Factors

When you consider performance and safety factors, the balance swings to cellulose building insulation.
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