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Applegate Stabilized Cellulose Insulation.

Applegate Stabilized Cellulose Insulation is formulated from recycled paper fibers and is treated for fire resistance, resulting in lasting thermal performance and reassuring safety. With a self-contained dry adhesive, Applegate Stabilized Insulation is designed to be damp-sprayed into and completely fill and insulate walls and attic voids by forming a unique structural conforming seamless blanket to significantly reduce the flow of heat & virtually eliminate air infiltration.

Applegate Stabilized Cellulose Insulation will reduce your utility bill through two means. One it greatly reduces the flow heat into and out of your own home & secondly it also significantly reduces the amount of air which can enter your home. Outside air which enters a building can carry; the outside temperature, moisture and pollutants into a home, causing high utility bills as well as structural damage or even health problems. Applegate Insulation, by reducing air infiltration, also helps to keep the conditioned air already inside your home where it belongs!

Spray-In Insulation System in action with Applegate Stabilized Cellulose Insulation.


Applegate Stabilized Cellulose Insulation is field proven with Applegate's Spray-In Insulation System; a comprehensive and advanced installation system designed for use in wall cavities, attics and between floors.

Applegate Cellulose Insulation is a premium building material that is renowned for its superior low-dust formula. The key benefit, and the primary reason why Applegate developed the industry low dust formulation, is that it allows for a quicker installation; allowing installers to stay on top of their game as there is less hassle and annoyance to preoccupy their minds. The reduced installation time also means that installers have less time to become physically tired, so the installation quality is generally better. It's just one of the many lessons we learned from our years of being an insulation contractor

Applegate is also made from up to 85% recycled paper, natural dust inhibitors and BurnBarrier™ fire retardant; we at Applegate mean it when we say “Naturally Better Insulation."   


  • For stabilized attic applications 
  • For spray-in applications for side wall cavities 
  • Made from up to 85% recycled paper 
  • Industry low dust with proprietary liquid-dry fire retardants 
  • Meets ASTM C1497 standard 
  • Qualifies for LEED certification points 
  • Contains Dry Adhesive


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    • Class 1, Type A Building Material 
    • Meets CPSC standards for flame resistance and corrosiveness 
    • Made in the USA 
    • Industry low dust formulation with proprietary BurnBarrier™ fire retardant

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    Applegate Stabilized Cellulose Insulation is among the Greenest of the Green Insulations!

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    How Applegate Insulation's installation method makes a world of difference AKA: Spray-In Insulation System

    To learn more on how upgrading to Applegate Insulation® in your home may not cost you a penny, and how it significantly reduces utility bills; visit "Free Money?".

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