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Applegate's All Borate Fire Retardant, Stabilized Cellulose Insulation.

Bora-Spray is a high-borate, sulfate-free insulation that delivers the same great insulating power and safety that you expect from Applegate®.

Most cellulose insulation manufacturers use a crude, manmade boric acid to produce their "all-borate" insulation. While the manmade boric is less expensive than natural boric, it is generally used in conjunction with other chemicals, often times containing sulfates. Consequently, many of these products are truly not "all-borate".

Applegate®, however, uses pure, natural boric in our Bora-Spray to provide the finest sulfate-free cellulose insulation on the market. It is fast to install, with lower dust than other so called "all-borate" blown insulations.

The key benefit of, and the primary reason why Applegate® developed the industry low dust formulation is that it allows for quicker installation; allowing installers to stay on top of their game as there is less hassle and annoyance to preoccupy their minds. The reduced installation time also means that installers have less time to become tired - so the installation quality is generally better.

It's just one of the many lessons we learned from our years of being an insulation contractor.  



• Bora-Spray can be had as a Stabilized or Loose-Fill cellulose insulation
• For stabilized attic applications
• For spray-in applications of side wall cavities
• Stabilized formulation contains a dry adhesive
• Made from up to 85% recycled fibers
• Unique formulation
• Meets ASTM C1497 standard
• Lower dust than competitors
• Qualifies for LEED certification points

  Applegate Bora-Spray Stabilized Cellulose Insulation - Attic application

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  • Class 1, Type A Building Material 
  • Meets ASTM 1497 standard 
  • Made in the USA 
  • Lower dust than competitors

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