Applegate Insulation

Applegate Press Briefings

New Florida Sales Rep

Applegate expands customer service with the addition of a new Sales Representative in the Far South East USA.

Apple Ca$h and Mac Apple Business Solutions

Times are changing and so is Applegate Insulation!

Turn-Key Insulation Solutions

Applegate Insulation's turn-key trucks are a GO!

Cash for Caulkers or, Cash for Cardigans?

The newest Government energy saving program?

Breaking News

An alternative look at energy programs.

An Open Letter

A letter to U.S. Citizens.

Applegate aquires Cottonwood Mfg plant!

Applegate grows strategically into the Mountain West, with its new factory in Colorado.

Applegate Insulation is 30 years old!

Applegate Insulation has turned 30!

Independent Home Inspector Writes On Cellulose Insulation

Independent Home Inspector comments on the advantages of cellulose insulation vs. fiberglass insulation.

Department of Energy total R-Value Recommendations

The following 2008 Department of Energy zone recommendations are based on comparing estimated future energy savings to the current cost of installing insulation.
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