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Obama takes credit for American Entrepreneurial Successes in speech.

I would put the shoe on the other foot and say that whatever success small business has in present day America is in spite of government and, government ought to be consequently condemned and not think itself so smart.

Applegate Insulation Partners with Williams in Dynamic New Insulation Marketing Move

Applegate Insulation increases marketing presence in the Southeast by partnering with Williams Sales Company

Applegate Insulation Partners with BluePoint Marketing for Green Architectural Workshops

New marketing partnership expands educational opportunities for architects and other building professionals.

Life Cycle Analysis of Cotton Armor insulation just released

A new Life Cycle Analysis shows that Cotton Armor insulation trumps traditional fiberglass insulation in embodied energy and ecological impact.

More Energy Savings Possible with Cotton Armor Duct and Pipe Wrap

Innovative Cotton Duct and Pipe Wrap Insulations Provide Easy Installation and Environmental Peace of Mind.

Cotton Armor Sound Panels Defend Against Noise Pollution

Applegate Insulation is pleased to announce a new line of acoustical panels and baffles meant to fill a growing need for quieter spaces in an increasingly noise polluted world.

Applegate, Recycling American Resources to Save American Energy

"Greenest of the Green", Applegate makes recycling profitable for civic groups while conserving American energy and resources.

Cotton Armor Acoustical Insulation Earns High STC Rating

Cotton Armor demonstrates superiority as the premier acoustical insulation for party walls.

Applegate Insulation Expands into Eastern Canadian Markets

Applegate Insulation Expands Into Eastern Canadian Provinces.

Applegate Insulation re-enters West Coast Market

In the ‘80s and ‘90s, Applegate Insulation was actively marketed on the West Coast. With their recent California approval and facility aquisition, Applegate is once again being sold coast-to-coast.
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