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The Physics of Marriage

Science seems to fight a non-stop war against things unseen, religion and anything that suggests that there may be more to reality than merely the physical.

To be or not to be

Man's call to being

Trickle-down justice:

In matters of money, the state practices me-first fairness

Bully Idol

Politics as religion

The Reduction of American Politics

American politics has finally and definitively bifurcated into two main camps.

The ABCs of a Successful Business

What is the most important aspect of your business, hands down? You know the answer - your people.

Terrorists On The Dole

In an amazing recent story, the thorough rottenness of the statist system of handouts was evident for all the world to see

A Different Era a Different Tyrant

Throughout history man has consistently shown himself beholden to his treasured preconceived ideas. One’s world view is so solidly a part of one’s thinking that it is only the rarest individual who can traverse uncharted cerebral territory without benefit of its guiding light.

Three 19th Century Ideas That Need to Die

While our current world is plagued by multiple fallacious ideas, there are three prominent ones that have fueled our furious descent into irrationality and confusion.

Trashing the Rich

When It's Wrong To Be Rich or Poor
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