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A Different Era a Different Tyrant

Throughout history man has consistently shown himself beholden to his treasured preconceived ideas. One’s world view is so solidly a part of one’s thinking that it is only the rarest individual who can traverse uncharted cerebral territory without benefit of its guiding light.

Three 19th Century Ideas That Need to Die

While our current world is plagued by multiple fallacious ideas, there are three prominent ones that have fueled our furious descent into irrationality and confusion.

Trashing the Rich

When It's Wrong To Be Rich or Poor

The United States of Dhimmitude

Doctrine of lesser magistrate and who has it right.

Hell is empty and all the devils are here.

Insular Comfort makes for very uncomfortable times.

Insulated from True Justice

Social justice vs. actual justice.

Insulate the Border

Immigration for the rest of us.

All Men Are Bad, And In Their Badness Reign

Why Progressives are doggedly insulated from reality.

Applegate Sponsored, and AIA/CES Approved, CE Course is Available

New AIA approved course titled, “Environmental Materials and Energy Efficiency: Recycled Cotton Insulation” and is available through the AEC Daily website

New Rep Takes Reign of Western States

Brian Firestone Joins Applegate Insulation as Western Territory Representative.
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