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Further Thoughts on Biblical Business Management Skills

The recent briefing “Thoughts on Biblical Management Skills” elicited several interesting reader comments. So, to continue the conversation…

Thoughts on Biblical Management

How to deal with your employees

We Shall Be As gods...?

Are We About to Repeat the Same Mistake That Resulted in the Noahic Flood?

The Creep State

Government supporting terrorist.

Witchy Warming

History of climate change

Bad Business vs. Good Government?

Is it reasonable to put immense trust in the ability of government to solve our problems, many of which it created?

The Physics of Marriage

Science seems to fight a non-stop war against things unseen, religion and anything that suggests that there may be more to reality than merely the physical.

To be or not to be

Man's call to being

Trickle-down justice:

In matters of money, the state practices me-first fairness

Bully Idol

Politics as religion
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