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It was a hoot reading the front-page headline about VP Harris’s trip to Central America:  US to Target Root Causes of Migration, it blared.

Well, I’ll be darned I thought, that is one way to keep people from wanting to come to the good ole U.S. of A – get rid of the reasons why they want to come here.

My mind started whirling as I counted the ways that Harris and the rest of the Biden administration was already hard at work to eliminate the reasons foreigners want to be Americans.

First, they were destroying the economy, giving money to keep people home and NOT to work while the job market was screaming for more workers.

Second, harassing the energy industry, shutting down natural resources from being used, blowing tax monies on non-productive ‘green’ wind and solar infrastructure that won’t even return the cost of its manufacture before it has to be de-commissioned.

Third, emasculating the military with imposed social policies that have nothing to do with defense but everything to do with excising true patriots from the services.

Fourth, reversing just about every sane cultural policy put into place by the previous administration and replacing them with insane ‘critical race theory’-type mandates embedded in the federal bureaucracy.

Fifth, incessant talk of raising taxes to the effect that hard work will be less rewarded and consequently less engaged in.

Brilliant, I thought, since most people want to come to America because it has been THE land of freedom, where personal initiative has been rewarded, where the heavy yoke of government has been less than elsewhere, where, in other words, everyone had the opportunity to build a better life for themselves.

In other words, Biden-Harris were perfectly implementing Harris’s policy elucidated in the headline – get rid of the root cause of migration – make America worse.

According to a recent poll, roughly half of the seven billion people on the planet want to be Americans because it has been the best country on the planet to be a citizen of.

So, just whack America down, make it a less desirable place and, presto! – less people will want to come here and we’ll solve the border crisis that has arisen since Trump left office and Biden was enthroned.

This is what I thought the article was about, reading from the headline.  But, wait, I was wrong!  According to Harris, the root cause of migration to America isn’t that it is a better place but, it is corruption, human trafficking and violence in their native lands.  And, by gum, she is doing heroic work in putting all of that to an end so that potential immigrants will be content to stay put.

Shows you what I know.

By Terry Applegate

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