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Stop the Family Separations Now!

All week the headlines have been screaming the ‘injustice’ of separating ‘families’ of illegal foreigners attempting U.S. entry.


Even though the Obama administration did the same thing (they just say they did it a lot less and what-do-you-know, just like a whole lot else in America’s most corrupt Presidency, they just didn’t keep track so you’ll just have to take them at their word – sure), Trump is taking the heat for a policy that he did not invent.


It appears that about 1,000 per month have been impacted.  That’s about 12,000/year if it were to continue.


But, if continued, the numbers will go down as potential illegals hear that the strategy of bringing children along just isn’t working anymore.


We aren’t sure how many of the ‘families’ really are families because tons of emigres game the system by using children to gain sympathy with their attempted illegal crossings.


And, it is not like the parents don’t know what they are doing.  They are breaking the law, taking their own children with them as they do so and they shouldn’t be at all surprised at any nasty results.


Can you imagine:  You walk into the lonely gas station at 1:30am, you point a gun at the teller, you tell him to hand over the money, when he does you give it to your five year old little girl and say, “Come on honey, we’ve got to run real fast now!”


Give me a break, as bad as they are, even most criminals don’t take children along when committing a crime.


And, what do you think happens to American citizens when they commit a crime and go to jail?


Guess what, they get separated from their children.  Where is the outcry over that?


Why are we more concerned over separating alien families then we are over separating American families?


I dunno.


But, the killer hypocrisy of all the anti-Trump noisemakers regarding the “migrant crisis” is why is 12,000 illegal children/year a big deal while 650,000 American children/year being separated from their families every year, isn’t?

Why are the libtards screaming about a small fraction of the total number of children that are physically, violently and forcefully separated from their mothers?


And, guess what?  The 12,000 are well-fed, taken care of, eventually returned to their families or placed in foster care, etc.


What about the 650,000?


They are killed as they are wrenched from their mothers’ wombs.

By Terry Applegate

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