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Applegate Insulation acquires Canadian insulation division

Applegate Insulation, the world’s largest family-owned manufacturer of cellulose insulation products, is excited to announce the acquisition of the cellulose insulation business of Rodney, Ontario based IECS.

The plant will operate as Applegate Canada, ULC and marks the first time Applegate will have production capabilities inside of Canada manufacturing its eco-friendly insulation.

“We’ve had customers in Canada for decades,” says Applegate CEO, Terry Applegate, “now we can serve them and even more of the Canadian market with greater efficiency and with lower freight cost.” Applegate has customers in more than 20 countries and attributes its success to the exceptional performance of its products and customer support.

Applegate products are typically lower in dust, cleaner and plug less frequently than its competitors’ products. This helps the insulation contractor work more efficiently and with fewer headaches. “When you’re in an attic that could be 120 degrees or hotter, you don’t want to stop to clear plugs or wait for dust to clear,” says Richard Applegate, National Sales Manager.

Applegate is currently filling several positions in operations and customer service at the new facility and encourages interested parties to call 1-844-372-8674 for additional information.

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