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While a great deal of emotionalism is almost always a part of any discussion regarding immigration, thought about the issue does not have to be feeling-driven.  The reality is that many people react to the subject in an emotional way because they cannot understand their governments’ actions in allowing open borders.  They cannot believe their nation would betray its own citizens interest and, they are desperately frustrated with what to do to rectify the situation.  Incomprehension, perceived betrayal in high places and vexation all lead away from clear thinking to a gut-wrenching emotive response.


But, it is really quite easy to think clearly about immigration.  First, why do we need immigrants?  The answer is easy and is of two parts.  Number one, we have killed off 50 million Americans in the last 40 or-so years since Roe vs. Wade so that we need to replace these people that otherwise would have naturally fuelled a growing and thriving economy.  Number two, tens of millions of those Americans lucky enough to get born are now on the dole and aren’t used to and, don’t need to work.  Consequently, by committing the sin of murder (physical in the case of the babies, spiritual for those who have lost their independence, self-respect and liberty by making them dependent on the state) America has made itself susceptible to the argument that it must open its borders.


The second and last question is; when should someone be allowed to be a citizen?  No country in its right mind would ever knowingly grant citizenship to someone who would not be a net asset to society.[1]  Common sense tells us that in order to be allowed to become one of us, the newcomer must fulfill the duties expected of its existing citizens.  These would include:  1:  Full personal responsibility for their own and their families welfare (this means they are a net inputter into the system and not a net taker out of the system), 2:  Shared value system with the extant citizenry  so that there is no corrupting of the precious previously built social capital, 3:  An acceptance of their becoming new citizens by the existing residents and, 4:  A willingness and ability to fulfill their responsibilities as an American; lead a productive and upright life, obey our laws (something our Commander in Chief seems to be having a hard time doing), be willing to serve militarily if required, possess a maturity so that they are able to defer their own gratification as they sacrifice for the next generation, etc.


When a government does the opposite of its responsibility; namely, allows those in who are takers not, givers, who do not share our values, who are not accepted by the existing citizens and who are not vetted as to their personal qualifications (via mass stroke-of-the-pen legalization), then that government has committed treason against the very people it was sworn to protect and serve.

[1] Of course, there are special occasions when mercy exceptions are made.

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