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Applegate Insulation Expands into Eastern Canadian Markets

In a show of confidence in the Canadian building industry, Applegate Insulation recently had its Pennsylvania facility approved to market and sell Applegate Stabilized Cellulose in Canada. Consequently, the Eastern Provinces will now have access to the worlds’ premier cellulose insulation which has found wide-spread acceptance as the green building insulation for both site-built and maApplegate Wall-Spray; stabilized cellulose blown into a wall cavity.nufactured homes.

Applegate is known for having pioneered the only hybrid liquid/powder fire retardant treatment for cellulose insulation. Because of the dual nature of their fire resistant system, the powders are locked into the insulating fibers giving Applegate less dust and a permanent treatment that allows them to offer a lifetime warranty on their insulation. Added benefits of Applegate Insulation is that it contains a minimum 85% recycled content and is widely accepted as meeting most green building criteria.

Applegate is also the only insulation manufacturer that offers a guaranteed heating and cooling cost for homeowners who re-insulate their home. Customers of Applegate also are afforded the opportunity of installation training, equipment leasing and sales workshops and access to the industry’s largest library of sales and marketing materials.

Established in 1978, Aaron and his son Terry Applegate began manufacturing cellulose insulation out of a small facility in Okemos, Michigan. Today, Applegate headquartered in Webberville Michigan, is the largest privately owned cellulose insulation manufacturer in the world, and supplies a variety of insulation products throughout the United States. Applegate currently operates facilities in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Georgia, Louisiana, and Colorado. New for 2011 is Cotton Armor blanket insulation that combines mans first fiber friend, cotton, with 21st century fire retardant and fiber processing technology. Visit to learn more about the world's newest energy saving hybrid. For additional information regarding Applegate Insulation, visit History / Mission or Why We Do It or to request information see the Contact Us webpage.

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