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June 17, 2011

For Immediate Release


Terry and Val Applegate

Webberville, Michigan - Applegate is pleased to announce that Terry Applegate, CEO of Applegate Insulation, was recently appointed to the Michigan Small Business Compliance Advisory Panel (CAP). The CAP was created under federal and state laws to monitor the effectiveness of the Michigan Environmental Assistance Program and the Michigan Environmental Ombudsman.

Besides serving on the CAP, Terry is a board member of Citizens of Traditional Values, Lansing, MI; European Theological Seminary, Kniebis, Germany; CIMA, Dayton, OH and serves on the Legislative Affairs Committee for the Small Business Association of Michigan, Lansing, MI.


About Applegate Insulation

Established in 1978, Aaron and his son Terry Applegate began manufacturing cellulose insulation out of a small facility in Okemos, Michigan. Today, Applegate headquartered in Webberville Michigan, is the largest privately-owned cellulose insulation manufacturer in the world, and supplies a variety of insulation products throughout the United States. Applegate currently operates facilities in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Georgia, Louisiana, and Colorado. For additional information regarding Applegate Insulation, visit History / Mission or Why We Do It.

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