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Introducing Applegate's New Revolutionary Cotton Blanket Insulation

Cotton Armor™ blanket nsulation makes being Green easy for everyone!

Cotton Armor's innovations stem from a focus on easy installation, being easily torn by hand or cut with a utility knife making it easier to install and work with than other batts. Cotton Armor is sized for standard framing, contains a proprietary next generation fire retardant system, and contains a minimum of 85% recycled content most of which is from recycled cotton. 

Mr. Insulate Cotton Blanket Installation                             Mr. Insulate Cotton Armor installed in wall cavities.

Even though Cotton Armor is technologically advanced, working with Cotton Armor is rather comfortable and a lot like working in your favorite pair of jeans. Cotton Armor is right sized for standard framing creating a solid and smooth fit in studs and a fast rebound helps ensure that his full R-value is provided once installed. Cotton Armor is designed to simply tear by hand for speedy tool-free installation and the fibers are positioned for easy cutting with a utility knife along it’s length; unlike other batts. Some batts even require specialized equipment or building construction to make full use of them; one competing batt comes with a recommendation for a $600 saw or a $35 knife which requires continual sharpening for cutting their insulation which can erode your margins, and others are mis-sized for standard wood framing or oversized to compensate for a lack of rebound resulting in gaps when the insulation is crammed into the cavity. 

With Cotton Armor, specialized cutting equipment along with time spent on their maintenance, as well as health and sizing concerns are nearly eliminated. You can size Cotton Armor with your hands or a box knife as it gives you an exceptionally green way to differentiate yourself from the competition, without adding to your expenditures!

Applegate's brand new cotton insulation, Cotton Armor, is made in the most technologically advanced production line in Georgia, close to the cotton fields which gave birth to Cotton Armor. Thus, Cotton Armor gives you the best of both worlds, 21st century technological sophistication coupled with ancient natural insulating cotton!

Cotton Armor is the most technological natural cotton blanket insulation produced – so if you use batt insulation why not compare Cotton Armor against your current batt and see the difference that is Cotton Armor!

For additional information visit or call 855-6COTTON.

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