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In order to help you deal with the changing business landscape we’re introducing several new programs to help you squeeze more profits into your pockets while allowing you to stay on the cutting edge of the insulation industry!

First New Problem Solver:

#1: Apple Ca$h

Problem: Nobody will finance retro-fitting of existing homes any more.

Solution: Applegate’s new financing program that allows you to sell to all your prospects that are credit-worthy. almost acts as your own personal private banker, helping you to finance those jobs that you otherwise might not be able to land. You can participate in as part of the new improved AGES (Applegate Guaranteed Energy Savings) program or as a non-AGES customer.

                    Apple Ca$h


Second New Problem Solver:

#2 Mac Apple

Problem: You really need new equipment. You’re missing out on best-practice productivity because you’re trying to eek out as much life as you can from your old & tired MAChines. And, with today’s slow building environment, you really don’t want to go out on a limb and commit your precious capital to new equipment purchases.

Solution: Applegate’s new equipment and financing program just now available to Applegate dealers. You get to choose between rent-to-own or a pure leasing program, whichever suits your needs best! This contractor grade equipment is available for independently mounted or trailer-mounted insulation machines.


Contact Applegate to learn more about these programs and how they can benefit your business.  

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