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Applegate Insulation Provides Turn-Key Cellulose Insulation Trucks, Trailers, and Training.

Applegate Insulation, the world’s largest privately owned cellulose insulation manufacturer and with seven facilities throughout the U.S., is pleased to announce the introduction of turn-key cellulose insulation trucks and trailers—as well as expanded training support for Community Action Agencies focusing on weatherization, and contractors considering growing their business.

Applegate’s customizable turn-key cellulose rigs include the training, equipment, supplies, and cellulose insulation needed to start reducing any community’s energy demand immediately. Rigs come equipped with brand-new tools and equipment to handle the growing demand for retrofit and weatherization work. Training on equipment maintenance, process optimization, and the application of Applegate Insulation is also included with the rig.

Customizable training classes cover an interchangeable curriculum of application techniques, workflow perfection, problem solving, and equipment maintenance. This enables the newest to the most experienced insulation professional to enter any job site with confidence. As always, Applegate continues to provide onsite tech support, installation and sales force training along with marketing support to their customers after the sale.

For information regarding the turn-key trucks and trailers please visit: Applegate Turn-Key Insulation Solutions.

For additional information and pricing, please contact us.  

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