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We in the US are privileged to live in a representative republic.  With that privilege comes responsibility.  Our elected officials cannot know what we think unless we tell them.  Your Federal elected officials are currently considering some pretty important issues.  To get these issues right, they need feedback from you…the people who create the wealth that they end up taking to use for those projects that THEY consider worthy.


First, is the issue of so called “health care reform”.  Currently in the US we have the best health care available in the world, which we can’t get for free, not now and not ever.  The plan currently being pushed on Congress creates a “public option” that would put the government in direct competition with the insurance companies.  The stated goal of some of our liberal representatives is that this would ultimately crowd out the private insurance companies leaving us with a totally government controlled health care system.


As we all know, the government has a pretty wretched record of doing things efficiently or at a low cost.  Recent editorials have called for the government to divest itself of the Post Office because of their wasteful habits as compared to private industry.  It’s amazing to observe a movement for a governmental take-over of the complex and technical medical industry when they can’t even do a descent job of delivering the mail on time and within budget!


The Congressional Budget Office projects that the health plan being pushed by the Obama administration will cost us taxpayers over $1,000,000,000,000.00 – that’s one trillion dollars.  A graphic is included below that will give you some idea of how much money this is.  While Obama promised no tax increases for the vast majority of Americans, there is no way on earth that this amount of money will be siphoned out of the American economy without average Americans paying for it one way or another.  And, another thing, this “one trillion dollars” figure may be way to low.  Consider, recently the White House announced that their budget deficit projections were off by almost a third – a slight adjustment is needed as they now predict that the ten year total deficit - just under the current stimulus plans and not even including the health plan they want & the cap & trade scheme they want – will be $9 trillion dollars instead of their $7 trillion dollar figure that they were sure of just six months ago!


The second issue of direct importance to you is the proposed “cap & trade” scheme.


As an insulation manufacturer, I hope that congress and the administration are so foolish as to pass this measure - it will tax energy, thus raising it's cost and consequently helping me to sell a whole lot more insulation! However, it would be bad for America. 


Cap & trade would place a tax on all of our coal, oil and natural gas, which produces over 80% of all our energy!  If this tax were to be enacted it would place our country at a huge economic disadvantage to those countries that weren’t taxing their energy producers.  Of course, this energy tax would eventually be paid by all of us, as businesses don’t pay taxes, they always, of course, have to pass them on in the price of their goods & services so that in the end it’s you & me that pays all taxes whether placed on businesses or individuals.  And, as energy is used in EVERY product, the costs of everything would have to go up with the resultant inflation affecting every American.


I encourage you to learn as much as you can about these proposals and to contact your elected officials and tell them what you think.  Some informative websites are;, and You can reach your US Representative online by going to and your US Senators by going to  The websites make it easy for you to contact your elected officials by email or by phone. 


Our government is getting involved in issues that our founding fathers would have never anticipated or condoned.  With feedback from you, maybe our elected officials won’t screw up – make your voice heard because it is your money, your livelihood and your rights that they are tinkering with.



Thank you,



Terry Applegate 





$1 Million (100 packets of $1000.00 each)                          $100 Million 




$1 Trillion and please note that the pallets are double stacked and that the person on the left is still the same height relative to the pallets.


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