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Applegate aquires Cottonwood Mfg plant!

Applegate Insulation Begins 2009 with the Purchase of a Cellulose Insulation Facility in Penrose, CO!

Applegate Insulation's newest cellulose insulation plant in Colorado!

While it’s true that the national housing market is the weakest in a very long time, we at Applegate Insulation prefer to concentrate on the long-view and not just on today’s troubles. We have never been one to get down about present difficulties. Instead, we’ve been blessed with an optimistic viewpoint.

It’s because the Applegate team does have hope in things unseen that we are expanding our scope of operations even while our competitors are shrinking theirs. We are not blind, we understand how tough things are, but we would rather prepare for the future resurgence in housing than sit around and lick our wounds. We believe that some of the best times in new construction are still to come. We also believe that our Creator would have us demonstrate our faith by investing in what is to come.

No, we don’t think for one moment that the government with all it’s economic meddling will bring prosperity, but we do believe that our Maker loves us and will provide. We also have a confidence in the American Entrepreneurial Spirit. We don’t believe that the animating spark of the American people has been extinguished. Consequently, it is with confidence that we embrace the opportunity to serve an ever-widening geography with the highest quality cellulose insulation that we have so proudly made for over 30 years! Yes, we have been recycling American resources to save American energy for over 30 years, and with our new facility in Colorado you will be close to at least one of our 7 plants!


Contact Information for the Colorado plant are:

230 Shoop Drive
Penrose, CO 81240

Phone Number: 719-784-0130
Fax: 719-784-0132

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