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Applegate Insulation is 30 years old!

September 2008 marks Applegate's 30th year of producing the world's finest insulation. Starting in one small facility in Okemos, Michigan in 1978, Applegate has today grown to be the second largest producer of cellulose insulation in the world with six plants sprawling across the country.

Applegate's success story is all the more amazing when you consider that when Applegate first opened for business there were over a 1,000 competitors just in the U.S. Today there are maybe three dozen!

Long before being green was popular, Applegate has been recycling American resources to save American energy. And, because of our roots as an insulation contractor, we know exactly what is important to you, our customers!

That intimate knowledge of our customer's deepest desires coupled with our innovative technological solutions to squeezing more efficiency out of each pound of insulation has gained us the reputation of being the insulation that can be trusted - trusted to get the job done, trusted to be honest and, trusted to be there for any and all of our customers needs.

That's why even our competitors declare Applegate to be the highest quality cellulose insulation, why more and more homeowners and builders are asking for Applegate and why Applegate's share continues to increase while others are in decline.

Click on the thumbnails below to view some pictorial highlights of Applegate's 30 years!

Thank you for the opportunity to share a little of the Applegate story with you and thank you for allowing us to be of service to you!


Never Tiring, Always Viligent, The Founder of Applegate MFG - Aaron Applegate


A portrait of Aaron Applegate.            Aaron's childhood family

   Aaron Applegate with Tom Van Alstine

Applegate Though The Ages!

Applegate electric heating!!!  Cellulose insulation got Applegate Heating in the limelight.   Applegate's Energy Store - in Okemos Michigan in the 1970's.  Applegate's Big 1978 Announcment - Applegate was supporting three kinds of GREEN even then!  Recycling and Applegate in 1989  Applegate protects the enviroment while supporting city initiative to provide comfort and save money for low income families.



Applegate Facilities Old and New!

Applegate's original state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Okemos, Michigan - opening for business in September 1978!  First load leaving Applegate's original manufacturing Facility In September 1978!  In 1984 Applegate moved west to Phoenix, Arizona - The Phoenix facility was sold in 1991 to allow for a new facility to be built in Michigan. Applegate's Webberville, Michigan facilities construction in 1995 being filmed by Terry Applegate.  The finished Webberville reycling and manufaturing facility as it stands today with double the production capacity of the original 1978 Facility.  Applegate opened the Chambersburg facility after outgrowing the original Hagerstown, Pennslvaniafacility in just 4 years! Applegate's building has the blue air filters on it.  Applegate's Hickory, Kentucky facility in the middle of an extensive expansion. Applegate's Monroe, Louisana facility.  Applegate's original Cornelia, Georgia facility.  Applegate's newest recyling and manufacturing facility, which opened this year, in Eastanollee Georgia. It is four times larger than the original Cornelia facility!


Fun Times With Applegate!

Applegate open winners in 1993.  Applegate dealers rideing a train in Alaska.  Tim Miller, an Applegate customer on an Alaskan fishing adventure. An Applegate dealer meeting - Discussing new strategies on how to secure low energy costs for homeowners. Bob Thorp - The Original Cellulose Warrior and the Michigan facilities operations manager. He has been with Applegate for over 22 years!



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