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Downloadables to help your Paper-Drive fundraiser be a success.

Fundraiser Downloads

Applegate has paid out millions of dollars to communities, and grass root organizations such as churches, schools and boy scouts for newspapers they have generated in fund-raising paper-drives and recycling projects. Applegate makes recycling profitable in more ways than any other “green” business:

First; by removing paper out of the waste stream, reducing dependence on landfills and thus easing environmental stress,

Second; by reforming the newspapers into Cellulose Insulation, reducing home energy consumption and thus lessening dependence on foreign oil, which also keeps money in your pockets with lower utility bills,

Third; by paying non-profits for their recycling of papers, enabling them to fund their worth-while projects within a context of community activism and environmental stewardship.                                 



Applegate Recycling Paper-Drive Fundraisers -The environmentally smart fundraiser; Because Money Does Grow On Trees!




With those goals in mind Applegate provides the following resources to help, "Get Your Drive in Gear."

Applegate Recycling Paper-Drive Fundraiser Kit:
Applegate's Paper-Drive Kit contain's flyers and other promotional pieces to stir up some excitement for your group, goal and activities.

Applegate Recycling Tri-Fold:
Applegate Recycling's Tri-Fold pamphlet, contains the fundamentals for organizing Paper-Drive fundraisers, as well as detailing how Applegate will collect your newspapers. The pamphlet is a great way of sparking interest in paper-drives at community gatherings such as, boy scout, school and church meetings.It is also a good item to distribute during the paper-drive, so that everyone knows how to load the newspaper - and how the newspaper they recycle will benefit fellow Americans.

Applegate Recycling Door-Hanger:
This large file may take a few minutes to download, but it is a great marketing tool for groups who can raise awareness while going door to door in their community. The Door-Hanger notifies people of the need for newspapers, where to drop them off and who to contact; while also telling them how the newspapers they recycle will benefit others!

Fundraiser Thermometer:
This 2ft by 3ft progress chart can be printed on multiple pages and then pieced together or you can print it on a single page for use indoors; such as on bulletin boards. It is big enough that it can  even be made into a professional banner - as such it is a large file and will take some time to display.

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