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How Applegate works with groups seeking to generate funds in an Ecological, Friendly and Green Way!

Applegate Will Purchase Your Newspapers
And provide a semi-trailer for transportation of the newspaper! We’ll deliver the trailer to the location of your choice! You’ll have the trailer for an entire weekend. If you need the trailer for more than one weekend, please call us in advance to check availability. There is NO CHARGE for the trailer if your group collects AT LEAST 10 TONS of newspaper.

Applegate can accept only clean and dry newspaper. Our state – of – the – art facilities require the finest grade newspaper. We can’t use newspaper that is contaminated, wet, or has been wet. We can only pay you for the newspaper that we can use: clean, dry newspaper.

How to load: There are 2 ways to load the trailer.
Please use one or the other, and not a combination of both.

  • BUNDLED: in brown paper bags or tied with light string.
  • LOOSE: placed in the trailer with out bags or string.

How much to load:
20 tons is the maximum legal weight that can be loaded into our trailers.

  • A good way to avoid overloading is to keep a stack of bundled newspapers no more than 5 feet high to use as a ruler. Don’t exceed its height and you should be great!

Let us know when your paper-drive is finished, so that we can pick up your loaded trailer. We’ll bring it back to our manufacturing facility, where all your newspapers will be weighed and then reused. Applegate Insulation will pay your organization by the pound for the newspapers that you collect.

For support and suggestions on how to conduct a successful paper-drive, please visit Fundraising Tips and Hints.

To start recycling newspapers with Applegate, visit the contact us webpage, and let us know that you are ready to "Get Your (Paper) Drive in Gear."























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