Applegate Insulation

Solutions for Manufactured Housing

The Applegate Insulation System provides superior insulation and overcomes many of the unique challenges of the manufactured housing industry. Applegate Stabilized Insulation is optimized for efficient installation, virtually eliminates dust during installation, is safer for your employees, and dramatically reduces settling during manufacture and transportation.

Cuts Your Insulation Costs

Applegate will help you increase the installation efficiency and reduce your labor costs because it typically cost less expensive than fiberglass batts and usually installs more quickly than rockwool. Additionally, Applegate allows you to install a higher R-Value in confined spaces, which is especially important at the plate line—60% more than blown fiberglass!

World Class Service

As an Applegate customer, you are assured of every possible service to keep Applegate flowing quickly and smoothly in your homes. Whether it’s the consistent on-time delivery or the onsite training and fine-tuning of your equipment, Applegate experts are always at your service.


Safe For Employees

Applegate reduces potential liability claims and improves air quality by eliminating the possible health threats associated with fiberglass and mineral wool. Applegate Cellulose Insulation does not require warning labels for respirable, airborne glass or mineral fibres.

Ease of Application

Applegate bags are optimally sized for safe handling and efficient installation. Since workplace safety is more critical than ever, our bags are designed for easy pickup and reduced back strain, but large enough for your installers to spend more time insulating and less time opening bags.

More Satisfied Customers

Applegate keeps homes safer, more comfortable and quiet while being environmentally responsible which means that your customers will enjoy the Applegate difference, too!

Contact us today at 800-627-7536 to find out more about how Applegate can work with you to make quality homes a reality. Or fill out the Contact Applegate web page to have someone contact you.


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