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May 02, 2002

Dear Applegate,

My wife and I recently built a house in Powder Springs, GA, a suburb approximately 18 miles outside of Atlanta. I was sold on your product after doing much research about insulation. After all the research I decided a wet cellulose application was the only way to go.

So here's the story. We built a 3,771 sq. ft. house (two stories), plus a basement (about an additional 1,300 sq. ft.). We insulated all exterior walls, as well as the interior walls between all bedrooms, the floor between the first and second floors, and, of course, [the] attic. By the way, I had the attic blown to an R-40 and I am so glad that I did. This house has (2) 50-gallon gas hot water heaters, (2) 3-ton HVAC units, and, not to mention, very high ceilings. We have 3 kids and they have many friends that are constantly over [to] the house. During construction I had the house wrapped with OSB board, Tyvek, and I had the entire house bricked. To be sure, I upgraded the windows to a high quality vinyl window with a Low-E coating and that provided a gap of 0.69" between panes (boy do those things kill the wind).

What's all this craziness mean? We moved in on January 3, 2002 so we were there during the coldest months of the year. Although this winter was a fairly mild one, I still had friends and neighbors with comparably sized houses that were paying gas bills in the $300.00 plus range. I want you to know, the highest gas bill I received (February, 2002) was $158.64. Yes, that's correct--one-hundred fifty eight dollars and sixty-four cents to heat a house in excess of 5,000 sq. ft. I place the credit in the insulation, not to mention the windows, Tyvek, etc. to complete the whole environment. I primarily owe the thanks to your product. I am so excited. My wife even boasts, "It makes all that trouble of your requirements worthwhile." Wow--dig that.

I know it seems as though I am rambling, but I am so excited about this product that I tell everyone who comes into my home and anyone I meet even considering building a house. Once again, thanks so much, and if you need a customer testimonial, feel free to use what I have written here or just give me a call.

Andrew & Sheri Clarke
4879 Manatee Court
Powder Springs, GA 30127
(770) 528-6303


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