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On Fire--ESCO Construction

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ESCO Construction
8135 Christeen Drive, Justice, IL 60458-1609 ~ 708/458-1029

February 14, 1996

Jose Martinez
Century Climate Control Inc.
PO Box 842
Joliet, IL 60434

Dear Jose,

I just wanted to thank you again on the oustanding job your crew did on my house. When I met you and you explained how your company would insulate my house, I felt you would do a good job. I must say I was pleasantly surprised to see not only the quality of the work, but also the dedication that your employees seemed to have. Luis, your foreman, obviously took pride in the work he did, and I felt he worked on the job as if it were his own house. That was something I seldom found in the other trades.

Now, I know you explained the merits of cellulose insulation, among which is that it is a fire retardant, but I never expected to see that particular point driven home to me just 2 days after you insulated my house. As you know, my house caught fire and the entire roof was burned off the garage as well as the house. Although the entire attic and roof burned, the fire never broke through the walls and entered the living space of the house. The fire marshall was also familiar with the cellulose insulation and remarked to me that in his opinion, the cellulose insulation saved my house. He said that without it, the fire would have burned the house to the ground. So now I can really appreciate that benefit a lot more and I do indeed feel safer having this cellulose insulation in my house. It certainly was worth the extra expense over fiberglass. Every house I build in the future will be a cellulose house.

If there are any other questions, please feel free to call at any time, and again thanks for the great job. As  soon as they replace the roof I'll let you know so you can re-insulate the house that was damaged by water.



Thomas Bochenek

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