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On Energy Savings--Pardee

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Lynch Insulation & Roofing, Inc.
18 Enterprise Dr. ~ Vassar, MI 48768
FAX 989-823-3141
PHONE 989-823-2878 or 800-942-7663


Date: MARCH 3, 2004
To: Applegate Insulation
Attn: Mr. Matthew Adams
From: Ken Lynch
Re: Customer Testimony

NO...Matthew, I did no solicit or pay these people to write me this letter. In fact, when I saw the envelop I thought it could be a "this is to notify you that there is a major problem we think you caused." Then, I should have known better because these people were very good customers of our hardware store. And, previously had us do other insulation and roofing projects. Obviously I was relieved.

We already plan on sending a copy of this letter with every new home insulation proposal.

You may use it and/or send it along to our fellow dealers if you think it could be of use.

Keep up the good work!!


  March 1, 2004

Lynch Insulation
18 Enterprise Drive
Vassar, MI 48768

Dear Ken,

We are writing this letter to tell you how happy we are with the insulation job you did in our house in 1998.

With the rising cost of heating bills, ours have been very reasonable. Compared to our family and friends, ours in January 2004 were 1/2 and even 2/3 less.

We have our home for sale at the moment and are planning on building a new one and when we do we will be calling you again.

If you ever need to use our home as an example of your quality of insulation, feel free to do so.


Don and Linda Pardee
1562 North Saginaw Road
Lapeer, MI 48446
Ph# 810-245-2754

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