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On Applegate Training--Warlick

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From: mmwar []
Sent: Tuesday, April 01, 2003 8:45 PM
To: Terry Applegate
Subject: Destin Workshop

Dear Terry:

I wanted to thank you and everyone at Applegate who helped to coordinate the training session in Destin.
What a nice bunch of folks! I felt like I was with family. I wish I'd had this information when I started with cellulose months ago. I promise to read all the information and may have more questions. Applegate is the only way to go, when you speak of Insulation.

I look forward to working with Don and Duke and hope to see you in the future. Please let me know if there is anything besides sales that I can do for you.

Again, thank you for your time and effort. You really know your business.
Bless you all.

Mike Warlick

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