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On Dust and Coverage--Grandville Insulating

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Grandville Insulating Inc.
3400 Oliet St SW ~ Grandville, Michigan 49418

December 6, 1991

Dear Dave,

I want to first apologize for not writing this letter earlier, but we've been so busy that I've just been putting it off.

The reason I'm writing [is] to let you know how pleased we are with Applegate Stabilized Cellulose. I was skeptical at first about your "dust-free" claim, but I'm sure sold now!

When we were using Regal, the dust was so bad that we didn't want to be the unlucky person stuck in the attic; we'd fight over who got to load the hopper. Now we just fight over whose turn it is to blow the attic. What a nice job it is when you don't have to worry about dust at all!

We've also noticed that we can be very accurate in matching bags, density, and depth on the attics we blow. With Regal, we were consistently 10% over their bag chart just to be sure we giving the proper density and R-value. Now we're always within 1 or 2 bags of what the job was supposed to take.

We heartily recommend Applegate to any insulation contractor more than 60 miles away from us. (I don't think my competition needs to know about you.) Feel free to have prospective clients call me anytime to arrange to see a job or find our more about how your stabilized product can make work easier for them.


Steve G

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