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Here are some causes we believe in and support. We trust you find them useful as well.

Judge Roberts, Obamacare, and the Constitution

Accuracy in Media 
Acton Institute 
After Abortion  
Alliance Defense Fund
Alliance for the Separation of School and State 
American Christian Heritage Week 
Applegate Cotton Armor insulation 
Applegate Mulch  
Association of American Physicians & Surgeons 
Association of Classical & Christian Schools 
Bulgarian Reformation Ministries 
Calling for more Wealth Creation by Capitalists 
Cannon Press  
Chalcedon Foundation
Chronicles Magazine 
Citizens for Traditional Values 
Climate Station Records and Surveys
Constitution Party 
Credenda Agenda 
Doctors for Disaster Preparedness  
European Theological Seminary   
First Things 
Foundation for Economic Education  
Foundation for Individual Rights in Education   
Gun Owners of America
George C. Marshall Institute
Global Warming: Man-Made or Natural? PDF
Global Warming Petition
Great Lakes Justice Center
Heartland Institute
Home School Legal Defense Association
Howard Center


Hudson Institute  
Institute for Creation Research
Institute for Peace & Prosperity
Intercollegiate Studies Institute 
Kuyper Foundation
Land Rights
Mackinac Center for Public Policy
MastaSorb Industry Sorbants  
Missionaries to the Preborn 
National Center for Policy Analysis
National Legal and Policy Center
National Reform Association 
National Rifle Association  
Operation Save America 
Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine 
Pacific Justice 
Paragon Foundation  
Politics of Global Warming
Population Research Institute 
Pro-Life America
Project Veritas  

Property & Environment Research Center
Public Interest Legal
Radio Free Europe
Salvo Magazine   
Science & Enviromental Policy Project
Southeastern Legal Foundation 
Stealing Our votes 
Stopping Socialism

Spence Publishing 
Surface Stations 
The Conservative Caucus 
The Religion of Peace
The UnChoice   
Trinity Foundation 
Union Facts 
World Congress of Families
World Magazine

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